lavendarkitty (lavendarkitty) wrote in fmspagan,

Hi, Introduction

Hi, my name is Kat lots of people these days call me Lavendar. I have been initially dianosed with Fibro just a few months ago, still waiting on all the authorizations and stuff for the specialist to get the permenant dx and they are thinking might have RA as well. I'm a reiki master, and practice celtic shamanism/druidism, depends on who you talk to which one I fall under I am also an ordained minister. I've been looking for a support group. I also have hypomania which definitely doesn't help so I'm on tramadol, parafon, trileptal, and with the unexplained edema one a bunch of stuff for swelling. I'm a single mom of one a 3 and a half year old boy. I haven't been working, can't seem to work, every time i try to get a job I run it by my doc to make sure I can actually do the work and she nose dives every one. Highly frustrating, so I've been working on turning my love of writing from a hobby into a job. Started out doing RP's and now am working on a novel which I hope to have done soon. Anyway, I'm always online all kinds of messangers I think I have ids on like 5 different ones and am looking for people to talk to and share with be supportive so just leave a comment if you want to chat and which messanger you have and I'll be happy to provide my sn.
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