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Never mind the woman behind the curtain--a rant

Beware, this is a bitch post but I have to do it.

Did I ever say "Fibro Sucks!!" ? I hope I did but just in case I haven't recently:


I'm tired of hurting all the time, of waking up stiff and not being able to walk where I want to go. I'm fed up with having my feet burn like fire in the evenings, even after they give me meds to keep it from happening.

I hate the eye involvement where things are out of focus when I'm tired and that I'm tired of my hearing problems and the dizziness I get at times. The aphasia (problems recalling words) and the spelling issues that I have developed (I never used to have these) is agrivating. I really have trouble at times.

I'm tired to having my sleep interupted by pain only to make me have insomnia at night and tired in the day. I'm tired of not being able to do household things that I need to do. And I hate having to have people help me out of chairs or down stairs.

I am tired of having to swallow a cocktail of pills twice a day for everything wrong with my body and worry about which works with what and verify interactions. I'm tired of having to check with my doctors (I have three, one for rhumatology and the Fibro, one for neurology and my complex/partial seizures..epilepsy..and one is my primary care who monitors all the others) so much to just stay healthy.

I hate having so much weight on and not being able to exercise.

Yanno, I didn't order this body and the warranty has run out and I want my money back.

I hate Fibro. I really do. Fibro Sucks.
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