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Looking for herbal muscle relaxers /brand name meds for FMS pain ??

Greetings  all
For any who I haven't met ... I'm 43 yrs old , single gal .Have had fibro since a motorcycle wreck in 1981 . I've been getting an epidural in my spineal cord for the past 3 years . however over the past few months I've developed severe 10+ painful muscle spasims that begin at the base of my spine then rip up and down my entire spind and sometimes legs and arms . My pain doc tells me this is just one of things that comes along with the FMS becomeing worse and more advanced ...
I'm looking for muscle relaxers . My doc will write scrpits for anything I want to try . But I need some names to give him with . I'm also very interested in any herbals oils , teas etc.

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