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This is indeed an interesting community and am pleased as punch to join.


Yes I am pagan and yes I have Fibro as well as the lovely sleeping disorders that come along. I also have an autoimmune disorder called Sarcoidosis  which is no fun at all either. But really it astounds me the degree that Fibro impacts my life….physical, mental, and spiritual!!


I am very interested in conversing on the subject of sleeping disorders…I annoyingly have three…..Sleep Apnea, Restless Legs Syndrome, and Alpha-Delta Sleep. The latter is the most recent of my diagnosis and would appreciate any insight, known treatments, coping skills, and med info if any. There seems to be a lack of knowledge about this sleep disorder but treatment for it may be key to my being a whole person again.


Thanks to those that response!


Late Summer Blessings……Morriganfae


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