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It has been obout 6 months since my last post, I don't know where to start.

Still battling with the short/long term disability insurance company, that I have paid into for 9 years, to get money deemed due me by my doctor, therapist and rheumatologist! It is now in the hands of the state department of commerce. They are looking into why these dorks figure that I don't deserve what I paid for, just because I have lived with fibro (a progressive syndrom) for years. I guess they can't figure that people get worse over time.

I am still waiting on the appeal to my Social Security Disability claim as well. I think it may help that I have disability plates for my car, but who knows for certain.

My physical issues have only worsened, and now that the cold is setting in, movement is even harder. If we had the income of disability, I would be able to get a Y membership, where I could do some water therapy, but can't do it on just malgoroth's income. We are able to just barely make our necessities, and sometimes can't even do that...

Even with this, I am not really in a bad place. I am, at times, but am trying to work those out.

Am working with my therapist on my PTSD; identifying the things that caused the trauma, and working to make a conscious move on how they impact my life now.

Hard times are ahead with this, I know. I am already getting more nightmares and flashbacks, out of the blue at times. Feels really dumb to have to go hobbling (would be running if I could!) out of a store because you smelled something that triggered a flashback!

Ah, good times ahead.
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