darkfallenangel (lunagypsy) wrote in fmspagan,

Some Good, some bad

I am happy on the Cymbalta, and now my dose is getting upped to 60mg. I am enjoying my sexlife a lot more on this, so I am pleased. And I have lost a few pounds, so that is a plus.
I had an endoscopy last week, and I have something called Barretts Esophogaus, and need to take acid blockers for the rest of my life to try to keep it from developing cancer. However the biopsy came back clean, but I must now repeat it once a year.
I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, plus I have a good sized segregated cyst on my left ovary causing a good deal of pain, and have developed a fibroid in my uterus. So I am having issues dealing with all of this stuff. I have felt completely run down as of late, and can't seem to get back into a healthier-feeling swing.
I hope everyone else is doing OK, I think I will improve once Spring arrives...
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